Picture and Comments on www.backyardchicken.com

This picture (this one was touched up a little) from the one I posted on www.backyardchicken.com and the comments I received from total strangers amazed. What some nice people out there in chicken world.

Here is what they said:
Cool :thumbsup Love the chair & head space! :gig

Hey what are those two really big chicks doing in the center without a roof? :gig Seriously though, very nice.

I just adore that picture of you and your daughter!!!! It is one of those that she will look at, after she is all grown up, and remember the wonderful times she shared with her father. It really makes me think of how my dad used to share stuff with me when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing these photos with us!!!! *starts walking down memory lane...***

Super dad, super daughter and its all about fun, right? I am sure it is, fun, fun, fun, love the pictures. Kids are so cool. I love em all.:weee:yiipchick

Cute, glad you are doing something as a family!

That photo of your daughter reminds me of a Norman Rockwell. Very cute!

Yes, me too!
The funny thing is I have the same sort of set up with the same wire roof for my ducks. Just love bending the wire lid so I can get in and out. I asked my hubby to build me a Walk In. But whatever it takes to get where were going.
You were smart to leave an escape hatch. I had just installed the coop lock and was working inside when my four-year old locked me inside, laughed and said goodbye. It was all I could do to keep from laughing and use a calm, stern voice to get him to come back and let me out. :rolleyes: Enjoy the adventure!

I used to squeeze myself into my chicks temporary coop. Tell your daughter to sit on the ground, with her legs out straight, and the chicks will hop right up onto her legs and take a nap. :)

You are so creating memories to last a lifetime. These will be special times that will help you and your daughter through the hard times. You are a great dad. :thumbsup Be proud of yourself!

As people have posted....that's a Kodak Moment! Very special.....thanks for sharing.

Baxter Sleeps Soundly

Netta and Mary Jane are crazy ladies Sam thinks!

P-Day in New York/Elder Ames as a young boy

An excerpt from Elder Ames recent email caught me later about how it applied to his P-Day experiences. I hope you appreciate it as well:
"Something really funny but kind of sad just happened while we were at the laundry mat washing our clothes. There was a little boy there who was playing around with the machines and all of a sudden he slips and falls and starts to cry. He then starts to get back up and slips and fall again in the process. We were thinking that he had slipped in some water that had leaked out of one of the machines, but it turns out that when he stood up the front of his pants were all wet!! He had peed his pants and slipped and fallen in his own pee!! It was hilarious. Luckily his mom had clothes to change him into. Elder Oickle and I were laughing pretty hard."

Brigden 3 weeks old!

Great Grandma Ames and Brigden


"Chicken Run"

The chicks enjoy the opportunity to go out into the run and take flight off the ramp as they go. They then run around, chasing each other, scratching in the dirt, looking for bugs, and having a great time.


JJ and Allie doing their stomach crunches so that JJ can fit through the doggie door. Excuse that was for so Allie can fit through the doggie door!

Don't Go in Mrs. Ames Garden!

Grandma Ames chickens recently got out of the coop and got into her garden and ate her swiss chard and other small plants. She said....

"I asked the chickens if that was the reason that they got out and ate all my small plants, and they all clucked at the same time and answered "Yes" and said that they did get some attention, so it was worth it. I did tell them not to try it again, or they might end up as Chicken and Dumplings.. They all agreed that they wouldn't do it again"....Mom


Excerpts from Elder Ames emails

So I only have a few minutes, so I want to share a quick experience with you all. It is about how the Lord prepares and gives us people to teach. On sunday after church, on of the members came up to us and was so excited. He was just about to burst at the seams. He asked us if we had a few minutes to talk with him. So he told us a story about his friend whom he had known since childhood, who was not a member of the church. The member had taken a last minute trip down to Florida to bring his friend up to new york. In Florida they had some incredible spiritual experiences. Being able to go out with the missionaries and go to the temple. They said that the experiences in Florida were incredible. So now he is living with this member and wants to learn more about the gospel. It turns out that he had lived in japan last year and was taught by the missionaries. But they didn't speak Spanish. So they taught him by way of a translator. So he has been taught and has a basic understanding. But most importantly, he has the desire to learn and to be baptized. And he lives with one of the most solid members of the ward. It is going to be an incredible experience teaching him. Keep him in your prayers! His name is Daniel. Well my time is spent and its time to go meet my new companion. Wish me luck!!

Con Amor
Elder Ames

OH! I received two phone calls on Sunday. One from President Searle and the other from Sister Searle, telling me about the news!! Thank you so much. It was so sweet to get those phone calls.


"Terrorist Cake Decorator" Stopped at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Saturday, April 11th, a man was caught at the security checkpoint and after having his backpack searched, found that they were going to confiscate what they needed to
and let him go on. Items that were collected and disposed of were: homemade fondant, a tub of ready made chocolate frosting, and jello.

He had packed his bags ready to go and to take him and his daughters to the airport to fly to Salt Lake City where they would be met by his wife and drive to Provo to see their new grandson.

Being Easter weekend, he thought it would be good to take a few of his cake decorating supplies so that he could make an Easter cake while he was there.

He had not even thought about putting these supplies into the check-in luggage. He had put it in a small backpack and thought all was well. Well, it is well now knowing that it's over!

A flight that day was saved because of the great security network at Sky Harbor.

The Garden Tomb is Empty


Poppa C and Baxter!

It is so great to be here in Utah to see this little guy. He is so cute!


Brigden the day after his birth

Daddy Casey and Brigden

Leisa gets to hold him


Baxter Has Arrived!!!!

Brigden "Baxter" Casey Heap was born tonight in the American Fork Utah hospital, weighing in 6lb 2oz and 18 inches long. The report from Grammy Leisa is that they are doing well.

The Peepster's Are Growing Up

The St George Hen Gang



The Peepster's

The Peepster's

The Peepster's

I got 6 Americauna's baby chicks today. These are the ones that lay "easter eggs"

The Jungle Cake

Sam the YAM & Allie

Sam the YAM & Allie

Sam the Y.A.M

Y.our A.mes M.edia Network (Y.A.M.)This is a blog set up for the Ames Families in Boise, Nibley, Perry, St. George, and Arizona, to keep in touch better and see what is happening in the family. Email anything you want submitted to the Editor. Thank you. Sam

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Family Fun Summer 2008
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