The Poultry Plantation

I recently added this shade / fly barrier over the garden coop area so that when the chickens are out in the garden they can't fly over the fence to the neighbors. I need to add more to it but it will do for now.


Baxter Pictures

Torie thought she would have fun and put corn hair on Baxter's head


Anna LaVell Ames Hansen December 12, 1927-July 1, 2009

Today I am in Southern California. I came over here on Thursday night so that I could attend the funeral services for my Aunt Bobbie, my dad's sister, who passed away on July 1st. She was a wonderful aunt, who fought a long battle with lupus and kidney failure for many years. She was an inspiration of one who was positive through her afflictions and a person I will always remember and cherish. It was great to visit with her husband, Uncle Orval, and her sons, Tim, Peter, and David, who were indeed my favorite cousins growing up. It was great to visit and recollect on the fun memories of our youth. I hope to be able to rebuild these relationships and not lose touch of these cousins. Our family ties are too valuable to lose and we need to take every opportunity we can to keep them intact.


High Temperature Peoria Arizona July 2009 (if it's a dry heat why am I soaking wet?)

July 6 108 degrees
July 7 107.4 degrees (did you feel it get cooler than yesterday?)
July 8
July 9
July 10

July 2009 Temperature Phoenix Arizona

July 1 hot
July 2 hot
July 3 hot
July 4 hotter
July 5 hot
July 6 hot
July 7 scorching
July 8-16 hot, sweltering, humid
Look forward to the rest of the month being hot


The Pallet Palace Playroom

Today I added an addition to the coop, extending it out towards the tree, and using the hutch as part of it, I attached chicken wire, and even have shingles on the roof!

Who let the chickens out who?


Happy Birthday Connie! Enjoy your birthday watermelon

Connie, a lady I work with and good friend, had said a few months ago that because her birthday was on July 5th that she always got a watermelon for her birthday. I thought I would surprise with this watermelon cake. It was a fun and easy cake to make.
2 white cake mixes
Buttercream frosting
Raspberry filling
Icing: Pinkish Red for watermelon, two different shades of green for the rind, and white for the border representing the white of the rind

A Recent Cake: "Happy Birthday Alison"

Alison has been a faithful follower of Sam the Yam and he appreciates her comments. It was fun to make a cake for her.

Sam the YAM & Allie

Sam the YAM & Allie

Sam the Y.A.M

Y.our A.mes M.edia Network (Y.A.M.)This is a blog set up for the Ames Families in Boise, Nibley, Perry, St. George, and Arizona, to keep in touch better and see what is happening in the family. Email anything you want submitted to the Editor. Thank you. Sam

Family Fun Summer 2008

Family Fun Summer 2008
Floating the Provo River

Carl & Leisa's Family

Carl & Leisa's Family
McKelle & Casey's Wedding

Family Fun

Family Fun
River Rats Provo River Summer 2008

Christmas Nativity

Christmas Nativity

"O Christmas Tree"

"O Christmas Tree"
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How Are We Doing On Our Emergency Preparedness?

  • Fuel? Propane Tanks?
  • Light & Lanterns?
  • Clothing?
  • Food?
  • Water?
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The Manhattan LDS Temple

The Manhattan LDS Temple

Barns Across America

Barns Across America
John Johnson Farm

Lighthouse Picture

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